The MultiBox© can be enriched with features available as optional modules.

URL filtering module

  • URL lists and real-time analysis. Over 90 predefined categoriespossibility to create / customize. Updates, reporting, statistics, etc.
  • Module available for HMB/LMB/SMB

Ling Aggregation module – loadbalancing

  • Allows the aggregation of multiple WAN links on a MultiBox (For link, maximum 3 Wan links)
  • Module available for LMB/SMB

Load Balancing module

  • Spreads the connections between several MultiBox.
  • Module available for LMB/SMB

Fail-Over module

  • Module for the Fail-Over management.
  • Module available for CMB/SMB

Online payment by credit card module

  • Sips ATOS interface module (Sips is number 1 in Europe Secured payment – PCI/DSS certified) that provides billing and online payment by credit card.
  • Module available for LMB/CMB

Driverless printing module

  • Printing from the client workstation without definition or printer driver installation.
  • Module available for LMB/SMB

Receiving SMS module

  • Module to automatically create a user account by the user himself.
  • Sending a text message by the user from its GSM (SMS no surcharge)
  • Creating the user account on receipt of SMS
  • Verification of the user's cell phone number and archivization by the MultiBox
  • No number of SMS limit
  • Service hosted in a secured Netinary NOC

Web Services Module

  • WebServices API for interfacing with an external system (badge, business-specific applications ...).
  • Module available for LMB/CMB

Business specific / Hospitality

  • Interface with Opera/Fidelio billing system – PMS Interface module – Micros Fidelio/Opera
  • Interface with Locatel billing system - PMS interface module - Locatel
  • Module available for LMB/CMB

Business specific / Education

  • Shibboleth module is used to integrate the MultiBox with Shibboleth.
  • Module available for LMB/CMB