The entire range of Netinary MultiBox is available in "Appliance Ready" for VMWare :

  • Local MultiBox (LMB VMWare)
  • Site MultiBox (SMB VMWare)
  • Central MultiBox (CMB VMWare)

These are optimized versions for VMware. 
These new products allow you to enjoy all the benefits of virtualization:

  • Cost reduction (devices, electricity consumption, cooling,…)
  • Rapid deployment and provisioning
  • Simplifying the hardware platform change
  • Mechanisms for backups and failovers
  • Reducing the number of physical device
  • Simplification of the monitoring

They are delivered in a OVF (Open Virtual machine Format). During installation, a temporary license is installed which allows testing or restart on a new server immediately.

MultiBox virtualized appliances functionalities are the same as those of standard appliances (box, Rack, Blade, etc.).

The VMWARE MultiBox range has been marketed since June 2010 and has been proven over many sites.